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Magnetic iButton® Key – YSL90SPRMAGxxx with Magnet integrated into the Key

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Magnetic iButton® Key where the Magnet is in the Key not in the Reader. The benefit here being, compared to the standard Dallas Magnetic Key (YSL90RMAGxxx), there is a wider selection of Probe/Readers available both with and without LED.

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Magnetic iButton® Key where the Magnet is in the Key not in the Reader

The YSL90SPRMAGxxx is an assembly of a DS1990 iButton ® into a Plastic FOB housing a Magnet which attracts and permanently attaches the Key to a Ferrous (Iron) iButton® Reader. The Key will not attract and attach to any Reader that does not have a Iron content EG  Stainless Steel, Tin, Brass etc etc. The Standard Dallas Reader DS9092 does not have an Iron content and we would refer you to our YSL9092 as a visually and functionally better alternative.

It should be noted this is a different and non-standard option when compared to the standard EPOS option where the Magnet is in the Reader attached to the terminal and there is only one option of Reader available being the YSL9092MAG. The advantage of the YSL90SPRMAGxxx Key is the selection of multi Reader options having LED’s etc. The reader must be of a Ferrous (Iron) construction.

The iButton® is tactile in the sense it is Sprung loaded for the purpose of creating a good contact with chosen Reader.

The unit is used where the Key needs to be permanently attached to the Reader during the Logged in status and removal of the Key triggers a Logged out Status. The respective status is managed by the Controller Software.

Applications include Vehicle Driver Identification where typically the Unique Key number is Aliased to the Driver name and provides a comprehensive log of the person driving the Vehicle. This is normally used in conjunction with a GPS system to position the location of the Vehicle as well as knowing who is driving the vehicle at any point in time.

There is the option to incorporate other iButton® types as below and we would welcome the opportunity to quote according to your need.

We also offer a service where we can add a Label to the FOB and aliasing it to the Unique ID number of the iButton and providing an Excel Spread Sheet. This has proven to be useful in Managing Key allocation to individuals where their name can be added to the Spread Sheet for operational purposes. Particularly useful when the Key needs to be identified to a user name and done by using the Excel Search facility.

If there is an interest in the Label and Spread Sheet option, please feel free to make contact either on [email protected] or 01481861244.



Manufactured in the UK

Dallas/Maxim iButton Accredited

Authentic iButtons only

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