magnetic or non magnetic dallas keys

The differences and applications of magnetic vs non-magnetic dallas keys

What is a dallas key?

If you have ever worked in the retail or hospitality business, you will probably recognise a dallas key. It is a key that allows the user to log onto an EPOS system simply by placing the key in its place. It removes the need for passwords as keys can be registered with unique codes for individual users, so an employee can log on by attaching the key and log off easily by removing it.

What is an ibutton?

An ibutton is a metal microchip, it works similarly to a smart card but is designed to be used in demanding physical environments. On its own, an ibutton does not have any source of power, but once connected to an ibutton reader (which is usually located inside a till or EPOS system) they can input and output information. Ibuttons are not contactless and require physical contact to work properly.

Magnetic dallas keys

Magnetic Dallas Key – YSL90RMAGxxx

Sometimes referred to as a magnetic ibutton, magnetic dallas keys can only work with an EPOS system that has a magnetic reader. They are usually made with a plastic shell with an iron or steel circular ring holding an ibutton.


Non-magnetic dallas keys

Non-Magnetic Dallas Key

In appearance, there is little difference between magnetic and non-magnetic dallas keys. Non-magnetic keys are similarly made with a plastic shell, except there is no metal ring surrounding the ibutton.


Differences between magnetic and non-magnetic dallas keys

• Extra care is needed when using a non-magnetic key as it does not attach as securely.
• Non-magnetic keys can be mounted on different locations, as they do not require a magnetic connection.

Similarities between magnetic and non-magnetic dallas keys

• Both need to be in physical contact with the ibutton reader to work.
• Dallas keys regardless of their magnetic properties are available in a wide range of colours, ideal for differentiating between different employees’ keys.
• They are both suitable for giving quick user access when needed, such as in a bar or restaurant .
• Magnetic and non-magnetic keys equally provide security at the point of sale.

New and non-standard magnetic dallas keys

An in-house development from IMAC Electronics, the YSL90SPRxxx magnetic dallas key is a new non-standard EPOS option. This key innovatively places the magnet in the key, not the reader. What may not seem like an important change is beneficial because it creates multi-reader options, available both with and without LEDs.


About IMAC Electronics

Founded in 2007, IMAC Electronics is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of ibutton and related products. Our business operates by providing genuine, quality products, not cheap alternatives that will work inefficiently. We get to know our products in great technical detail, ensuring our customer service is useful, friendly and helpful. Our bespoke products, such as the YSL90SPRxxx, are evidence of our technological capabilities and passion for dallas keys and ibutton systems.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team, we would love to discuss any queries you may have.