New iButton Service: An easier way to facilitate aliasing Unique iButton number to a Named User


Many customers have a requirement to alias the 16 Digit iButton number on the iButton to a user name in an excel spread sheet for the purpose of knowing the User/Client of the Key.


This is normally done in one of two ways:

  1. Reading the Unique ID number on the iButton and entering it into an Excel spread sheet manually using a PC Keyboard aliasing a user name. Not an easy process and a bit of an eye test.
  2. Use a iButton Keyboard to automatically read the 16 digit number and enter into a Excel spread sheet aliasing to a user name. This is naturally quicker and easier on the eye.


Our new service offering is to number each iButton key with a label positioned in the Key FOB recess and provide this number and an Excel spread sheet with the two columns (FOB label number and 16 Digit Unique ID) made out. This leaves you the customer to add the User/Client name to the spread sheet and achieving the desired objective.

The advantage being one of saving time and effort where upon receipt of the product, the process is selecting a key and entering a User name in the Alias column. Just makes the overall process quicker and easier.

ibutton and labelled key foblabelrxample


Price for the additional service is based on quantity and the iButton type required. We would be happy to quote accordingly and please feel free to contact us as required: