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The iButton – why it’s the gadget you need next…

Chances are high that you will have heard of an iPhone, iPad, iMac, iBookstore, iPod… in fact, there’s a lot of ‘i’ gadgets around. But have you heard of an iButton?

Small and durably packaged, they’re essentially a microchip or computer chip that is housed within a stainless steel button. They are each unique and no two are identical. Each iButton will have a one-off 8 byte code written into its read-only memory when it is manufactured. They may also have a temperature sensor, real-time clock, timer function, a decoder ring and Java interpreter incorporated. They use a 1-wire network, connected by a worker thread.

There are a range of iButton applications in both personal ID use, monitoring, and eCommerce. For example, the iButton can be incorporated within watches, rings, key chains or dog tags. It can be used in instances in which information is required to follow a person or object, for example, in temperature or humidity data logging. It can also be used for electronic cash transactions, asset tracking, and access control.

An iButton can be taken by a person anywhere they go, and can deliver and record data within a range of environments – including the harshest. One key application for the iButton is in the use of monitoring temperatures and humidity. If you have Sungazer Lizards, this can be particularly beneficial. The iButton is a device well worth considering investing in.

Typically Sungazer Lizards come from temperate climates with low humidity and they will hibernate within burrows during winter months. They don’t tend to require a heat lamp, as they prefer relatively cool air temperatures, but it is important to monitor their environment as extreme heat (which could come through sunlight, a hot day, sunlight reflecting on glass, or lack of fresh, cool air) could prove fatal for a Sungazer Lizard. Often including a small fan in their home environment during summer months can help to circulate the air, but thanks to the iButton, it is now easier to run constant checks and keep them well, as well as learn more about their needs and requirements.

Installing temperature and humidity monitorAt Imac Electronics, one of our clients gave us the following positive testimonial from their experience: “The 6 that provided data have done exactly as I wanted and the information they provided will be used as a model to keep the increasingly endangered Sungazer Lizard in captivity. I wish to install at least another 10 to really kick on and take this research to the next level.

“This research really is ground-breaking, since absolutely no other species in the entire reptile kingdom has the detailed insight into the desired temperatures and humidity over the course of a full calendar year, let alone broken down into two-hourly intervals within a 24-hr period as the Sungazer does, and this is all thanks to the information provided thus far from the iButton offered by IMAC.” ┬áRead more about the Save our Sungazers Campaign.

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