magnetic or non magnetic dallas keys

The differences and applications of magnetic vs non-magnetic dallas keys

What is a dallas key? If you have ever worked in the retail or hospitality business, you will probably recognise a dallas key. It is a key that allows the user to log onto an EPOS system simply by placing the key in its place. It removes the need for passwords as keys can be […]

Sungazer Lizard

The iButton – why it’s the gadget you need next…

Chances are high that you will have heard of an iPhone, iPad, iMac, iBookstore, iPod… in fact, there’s a lot of ‘i’ gadgets around. But have you heard of an iButton? Small and durably packaged, they’re essentially a microchip or computer chip that is housed within a stainless steel button. They are each unique and […]

Introduction of a University Programme

IMAC Electronic Solutions is pleased to announce the introduction of a University Programme to encourage Research Projects and Student familiarity with Maxim iButton’s Products. In particular, iButton Thermochron’s are used extensively in Environmental Temperature Recording and Measurement although the programme is valid across all iButton / 1Wire Products including accessories. For participation in the programme, […]